Below are some videos to demo Alexandre’s guitar playing ability. 

New videos will be uploaded to this page and his YouTube/Vimeo channel. 

Note from Alexandre;

I don’t consider myself to be a musician or an actor/musician. Despite not being a musician I can play guitar and enjoy doing so. I’ve been playing guitar for around ten years. My approach has always been to learn songs and techniques to improve my playing ability. 

I have often seen breakdowns and projects advertised seeking actors that can look believable or have some skills playing an instrument. I do have ‘guitar’ listed on my CV as a skill and normally after applying for a job I will receive a request for an example of my guitar playing ability. With this in mind it just seems simpler to have some examples on my website. I want to be as clear as possible about my ability and level and if a picture can tell a thousand words, then surely a video… does… way more than a thousand?!

If I had to describe myself playing style, I would say I rhythm guitar player.

Fun fact I did play guitar on stage for a rehearsed reading of a new play ‘When Mine Is Slain’ at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. For this role I had to learn Over The Hills And Far Away by Led Zeppelin. I love jobs like this where I get to use my hobby in a role. 

I’m currently doing some research to improve the quality of these recordings and will upload newer videos in the future.